Credit Investigation Philippines

 Business' best practices says:  Know your CUSTOMERS better!   Where else to turn to but to the pro - Inteliasia CIS!

Know Your Customers (KYC) - These three words can bring either fear or excitement into the heart of the reader. Why such varied responses to a simple three-word phrase? There are many different reasons. One of the most prevalent is a lack of education. It is hard to make important decisions when you feel you are in uncharted territory. Other responses have been due to 'misguided' information. Some companies have used credit evaluation as a tool to generate more sales without regards to knowing the customer better, resulting in credit uncertainty or poor payment experience. Still others have made unwise decisions based solely on their guts and the information on what the borrowers had indicated in the Credit Application Form. While customers may have acquired financial stability, it is very important to validate this claim and to know as well their paying habits, reputation and character. At Inteliasia CIS, we validate your customer’s identity, business status, finances, paying habits, reputation, etc. in accordance with the business' best practices. 

We provide Credit Investigation Reports, Due Diligence, Background Check, Property Search (with copy of Title if found), Court checking, Insurance Inspection, Field Project Inspection, Collection (Debt Recovery), etc.

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